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How do you submit Bug or functional requirements to apples?

Apple Mobile Software Store AppStore has opened up a new business model for mobile Internet. So far, software stores already have more than a million applications. However, a recent third party report pointed out that 80% of Apple's software stores belonged to "zombie software".
AppStore has become an important business for Apple Corp to make profits from the iOS ecosystem. Not long ago, Apple released data that in 2014, the world's iOS software developers earned a total of $10 billion from apple.
Some media pointed out that the income of $10 billion has been equivalent to Hollywood's annual box office revenue. This shows the power of the mobile Internet "APP economy".
But for those young talents who want to develop software in the iOS ecosystem, they need to think twice now.
A recent third party organization, "Adjust.com", analyzed the composition of software in Apple's software store, and found that there was a lot of zombie software, which basically did not have substantial users.
How to define "zombie software"? The agency believes that if a software appears in the top 300 ranking of AppStore at 1/3 of the time, it does not belong to "botnet software". In other words, zombie software is not without user software, but rather limited in size.
In 2014, the size of Apple software store increased from 890 thousand software to 1 million 420 thousand, an increase of 60%. The agency pointed out that the proportion of botnets in AppStore has increased from 74% to 83%.
Foreign technology media comments point out that obviously, zombie software is taking control of Apple's AppStore. For the new iOS software developers entering the apple ecology, it's hard to find gold in AppStore. The outside world is also wondering how Apple will cope with so many zombie software.
The agency believes that if it fails to appear in the list, this means that the possibility of a software user's attention and downloading is greatly reduced, and that users need to search for a certain software, and it is well known that the search function of apple AppStore is very bad.
According to the media, the best way to search iOS software is to open the browser and enter the Google (micro-blog) search, because it's really too troublesome to search at Apple's software store.
The agency said that in 2014, the botany software in Apple software store doubled, from 660 thousand to 1 million 140 thousand.
The agency also found that different types of iOS software differ in the degree of competition and the proportion of zombies. For example, in the "commercial software" type, which has been dominated by a few successful software, it is difficult for new developers to get the opportunity. They can choose less competitive areas such as "office efficiency" and "financial services" to develop iOS software.
In addition, in the "navigation" and "Sports" type of software, the proportion of zombie software is low, because these software are related to the local location, excellent software can not achieve the winner to eat, to provide the local developers living space.
In fact, there is a lot of Botnet software in apple AppStore or Google Play, which is no news. As early as 2012, there was a mobile Internet market research company found that in the 700 thousand AppStore applications, nearly 400 thousand of them belong to zombie software, accounting for nearly 60% of the number of downloads and user reviews.