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The three major career trends that mobile developers must understand

The Jingdong is speeding up its investment. Tencent science and technology today learned exclusively that Jingdong has recently joined the community mobile business platform as a clothing assistant after investing heavily in the car business. Jingdong insiders have confirmed that the investment has been settled.
This is the B round of financing granted by dress assistant. The scale of this round of financing is more than ten million US dollars, but Tencent technology is unable to verify the scale of specific financing. In addition to Jingdong's participation in investment, another investor in this round of financing is Xiang Feng, a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek group.
The founder of the clothing assistant was Gu Ying, Gu Ying, who was 22 years old to start the Hangzhou pan city science and technology. The 25 year old shares realized financial freedom. In 2012, he decided to seize the opportunity of the mobile Internet and start a new business. In September, he issued a dress assistant.
Selling businesses display unique styles in the form of "combination collocation" on clothing assistants, attracting the same tastes and becoming fans. On the clothing assistant platform, each matching buyer is fashions from the media, which can directly transform the influence of the community into economic interests.
In an interview with Tencent, Gu Yingying said that with the escalation of e-commerce, the number of Internet aborigines in the post-90s, and the new era of the national e-commerce, Chinese e-commerce users are gradually starting to be stratified, and a group of "quality crowds" in e-commerce users.
The character of this group is that they do not want to spend a lot of time to do "naughty" behavior, and willing to go to a quality guarantee platform (maybe this platform is not the lowest price of the whole network), and the stable purchase of high quality products, and the quality of the core of the quality e-commerce is "good goods".
Dress assistants, similar to beauty, say, and mogujie.com are turning e-commerce shopping from "Amoy goods" to "shopping". Paying attention to the "short and fast" mobile shopping era, providing users with a time saving and cost saving shopping mode is different from that of dressing assistants.
The financing of dress assistant is finalized by Chang Bin, vice president of Jingdong investment, which has 3 main purposes:
1, create the "quality e-commerce" supply chain system, through the establishment of strict audit, tracking, evaluation system to strictly screen and optimize the dressing assistant to the store, and maintain a dynamic elimination system.
2, establish a brand service center, stand before the seller, provide one-stop shopping support services and standardized shopping services for clothing assistant users.
3, improve brand awareness, accumulate more users.
People know that the current Jingdong in the investment field is still a stage of water test, but the logic of the Jingdong in investment is very clear, the main direction is around the main industry, investment in the pan e-commerce, Internet Finance and intelligent hardware and other fields.
Analysts pointed out that Jingdong investment dress assistant, should be the importance of its female electricity supplier entrance status. The user is 99% of the clothing assistant, and the Jingdong brand is relatively male. Therefore, the two sides have great cooperation space for female users.