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Users come to the bowl for an interview and listen to cloud CTO Wood

A few days ago, I sent a message to micro-blog on purpose to sell it on purpose. It has aroused wide attention from acquaintances, not acquaintances, and has also led to multimedia reports. There are concerns, doubts, and many misunderstandings. So send this essay and make a complete expression of my ideas.
The book package was launched in 2010, and in 2013, a total of 16 million yuan of investment, plus the initial 1 million yuan I invested, to 17 million yuan, operating seven cities an hour to the delivery of the business, is indeed facing a lot of financial pressure. By May 2014, because of the shortage of money, I had to dispose of the technical team, hoping to keep the delivery team for an hour to keep the delivery for one hour. However, although business is growing, after all, it still can not break even, and the remaining funds are only enough to support distribution business until the end of August 2014. By the beginning of September, I had to increase the volume of goods in every city for one hour. The Beijing business was close to the profit of a single city.
On the basis of rational consideration, you may be looking for a sale package at that time, but I am still a little reluctant, after all, it is a brand established by my middle aged business. This brand has already established a natural and stable connection with the arrival of the goods an hour, and has gained considerable popularity, reputation and a big word. If you are not ashamed, the fast book package is also the leader of this wave of one hour arrival in recent years. Really reluctant, so look forward to new opportunities, can re hand in their hands to make big bags faster and better.
In the past few months, although it was organic, I felt sad that if there were no new funds to be injected, it was difficult to achieve the ideal goal that had been imagined in the fast book. So, we decided to sell the fast book bag formally.
The fast book package is a good brand, a valuable brand. As an hour's representative brand, there is great potential and imagination in the upsurge of arrival in the new hour. As an independent e-commerce brand, it has a mature business process and operation team, if it is from a bright and powerful enterprise. Operation should be able to shine its glory. This is the real reason why I am determined to entrust the fast schoolbag brand.
As for the current situation of the fast book company, it can be affirmatively said that, in addition to no more than one hour's arrival, all business is in normal development. The sale of the book package official net, the quick book package Taobao store, the fast book package GoPro Taobao store is normal, but it is not an hour to arrive, it is the National Express. The one hour delivery service, which is working with Feng Feng, is being tested in Beijing and can be placed under the "micro signal" like "wind express". We planned a health diary product, also continued in the past few years of fire, continue to sell, our agent GoPro last year, the sales of the latest GoPro HERO 4 and the full set of official accessories. Our gold and silver jewelry brand only true love is very popular and sales are rising steadily. At present, the team is small, and there will be no problem of breakeven next month.
However, because of the limitation of capital investment capability, it is obviously not the most ideal result to limit such a valuable brand of fast schoolbag to the above business. I still hope that under the right opportunity, we can seek better development path and space for this brand.
The fast book package has different value for enterprises of different backgrounds. Worthy of consideration: brand value; marketing planning ability; independent site front and back platform system and business system, including PC website, mobile website and apple version APP; a crown Taobao store; original registered user; 150 thousand vermicelli's main micro-blog account and more than a dozen authentication micro-blog accounts, opened the WeChat authentication WeChat account. WeChat shop; registered trademark, domain name; experience and lessons; business operation team and so on.
As for Lao Xu, I myself, whether in the range of sale, different companies want to buy different methods, some may want me to package the scope of the sale, some may not want me, and some may want me as a consultant. In three forms I would all cooperate completely.
The news of the sale of the fast book bag, with the recent references to the angel investment I mentioned in micro-blog, also questioned Xu's abandonment of the fast book bag and the transformation of angel investment. This is a misreading. Angel investment has never been my full-time job, and since I was more than 20, I began to start a business. I have been very concerned about the business of young people for nearly a decade, and have also invested in some projects. One of them has been M & A by listed companies last year and investors have successfully withdrawn. Whether the fast schoolbag is sold or not, my angel investment will continue.
Some friends also asked, if the fast schoolbag was bought and bought, will Lao Xu continue to start a business? No, no. Even if the acquirers did not buy me together, I would not start my own business. Although a few days ago, investors came to me to express their desire to invest in my new venture, saying they liked continuous entrepreneurs. I was rebuffed, too.
Why? First, from the founding of the Dragon media advertising bookstore in 1995, I have started two times, life not only have a business, I want to try different jobs and ways of life; two is the Dragon media bookstore, as a professional bookstore from the foundation to the end, has won its success, I planned to publish more than 150 advertising special. Industry books are recognized by industry and readers.