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Alibaba group announced Tuesday that it will work with the world's largest P2P lending platform Lending Club to provide loans to us buyers of Chinese products. This will help to promote Alibaba group's expansion to overseas markets.
In an email statement, the Alibaba group said the project would allow us businesses to apply for a maximum of $300 thousand in short-term loans to buy products from Chinese suppliers from Alibaba websites. It is reported that the longest term of the loan is 6 months, with a fixed monthly interest rate ranging from 0.5% to 2.4%.
President Ma Yun (micro-blog), the chairman of the Alibaba group, said last month that as Alibaba group's dominance in China has restricted the growth potential of the company, the company is trying to touch 2 billion consumers overseas, as well as 10 million small businesses. Alibaba group launched its initial public offering in September last year, and the company's current market value has surpassed that of Amazon and eBay.
To assist new customers in using Alibaba's platform, Alibaba will help examine suppliers and shipments, and can directly allocate funds according to buyers' choice.
Effective financing
Michael Lee (Michael Lee), director of global marketing and business development on Alibaba, said, "we want to be as effective as possible to finance millions of American buyers who do business through Alibaba websites. Our mission is to do business wherever possible. "
LendingClub, founded in 2007, is the first P2P net loan platform in the world. The company launched its IPO last year. Since its inception, Lending Club has been attracting the attention of Silicon Valley and Wall Street. The company makes a profit by collecting fees and service charges. Its main products include 3 - and 5 - year unsecured consumer loans, with an average interest rate of 14%. From individual investors to hedge funds and banks, investors are funding the platform.
Alibaba is currently the top shopping website in Russia and Brazil, but the company has not yet had one employee in the market. TNS, a market research firm, said in September last year that Alibaba Global Express (AliExpress) is currently Russia's largest shopping website.
Alipay is currently overseas in more than 100 countries with 17 million 900 thousand active users, and more than 2000 overseas merchants to accept.